Wired for baskets

Wired for baskets

How’s your King’s day been my fellow Dutchies? I slept in until 10.30, had a loooong brunch, and then we went for a small flea market stroll in Westerpark though I didn’t come home with any treasure. The rest of the lovely sunny afternoon I spent on today’s pin project: making a basket from chicken wire.

I have these small green (beer) bottles that like to put flowers in. Most of the time they are dandelions and dove’s foot; the victims of afternoon weeding sessions. They stand on the table outside but I thought they would look cute placed in a basket with a candle or other differently sized glass bottles. Very twee: just how I like it. Also, when they’re in a basket they will probably not fall over and drop off the table when it’s windy outside. Bonus.

Here’s what I used:


  • chicken wire (I keep calling this chicken wire, but should I call it woven wire instead? The tutorial calls it woven wire. But their material is slightly different from mine. English readers, help me out here? My google fu isn’t working.)
  • ruler
  • tweezer and wire cutter (the one I used is both)
  • bottles for in the basket

I made a little sketch this time: I didn’t want to just start cutting into the wire ending up with a basket just a bit too small. In other words, I actually planned out what I wanted to do before I started. Thomas was so proud.

Also, the tutorial says to make a sketch first and I always do as I’m told. Really.


The tutorial instructs you that when you out your shape to snip the wires close on one edge and to keep them long on the alternating sides. I indicated that on my sketch this so:


Then I just counted out squares along the edge and cut through the wires to get the shape in the sketch. First I just cut out the corners keeping all the wires long…

start cutting

…and then I cut one side short. After some counting and cutting…

cut wire3

…I had cut out my shape:

cutting done

For the top edges I cut all the wires short. In the tutorial they keep those wires long and then bend them into loops. You can then thread some wire or yarn through those loops and attach a label. I wanted to keep the design really simple this time but I think this would be really neat for bigger baskets for storage.

Then came the bending, tweezing and twisting. I used a ruler to bend the longer sides upwards…


…this way you get nice sharp edges.


Then you bend the short end upwards and when the sides are aligned…

joining corners

…you use your tweezer to turn down the long wire edge…

looping and squeezing

…and loop it around the other edge and tweeze it and twist it so it stays put.

one corner done

I just had to work all four corners of the basket like this and I was done!

wire basket done1

Then I picked some dandelions, dove’s foot, and some unruly forget-me-nots, put them in the beer bottle vases, added a jam jar candle and voila!

pretty 1

Very Pinteresty no?

After some rearranging this made me very happy:

pretty 2

I’m definitely making more of these. I’d like to use them to store gardening tools or to put plants in. I can also use them inside for magazines or as divider in cupboards or on shelves. However, I am going to look for some sturdier wire material so the baskets will keep their shape better.

All in all, a King’s day well spent.


  1. Your basket turned out wonderfully! And you were very good with following my instructions which made me feel like I did a good job explaining how to make the basket! In the States, the wire mesh is called “hardware cloth” and it is quite heavy and sturdy – so good luck with finding a sturdier option for your next basket – so glad I inspired you!

    • Thank you for the turotial – I’m inspired to make a lot more!

      I think I’ll call it wire mesh then??

  2. In Scotland chicken wire is usually formed of linked hexagons rather than the linked squares of your wire. Mx

  3. How cute!!
    i would love to make one and weave a lace ribbon through the top squares. Thanks for the inspiration! I wonder how hard it would be to make a round one? Hmmm…

    • Maybe you can if you use actual chicken wire? with the hexagons?



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