When in Cologne…

When in Cologne…

Pfew! I’m back home from Cologne! This weekend I’ve been to the International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft and Hobby Supplies, or in short: H+H. I knew would be spending a lot of time this weekend sitting down: traveling there by train and hanging out at the Westknits and Ysolda booth. So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to finish the sweet little baby cardi I had cast on at craft night this Thursday. (For those of you who have no idea what craft night is: Every Thursday, in the best yarn shop in town, you can hang out, chat and eat cookies with other crafty humans – you’d be crazy not to attend! I mean, really.) The shop had just gotten in a new shipment of Madeline Tosh yarns and a skein of Tosh Sport in Cosmic Wonder Dust was calling to me: “Roswitha! Roswitha! Knit me! Don’t you want to know how I would look like knit up?” Resistance was futile so I went looking on Ravelry for a one-skein-project that could really highlight this yarn. The Baby Tea Leaves cardigan has been on my list for a long time already and I thought it was a perfect match. I love how the little ruffled yoke and the simple stockinette really make this yarn the star of the show. So I pinned it, bought the pattern and the yarn and got a head start on my project for the weekend.

I cast on, got started on the pretty garter collar…

cast on

…and after some pretty solid knitting I finished the entire yoke during craft night:

craft night result

On Saturday I hung out in the shop and couldn’t decide on buttons…

difficult buttons

…so I asked the Facebook and Instagram hive mind to help me: the verdict was green! (or teal, (duck egg) blue, mint green or turquoise – it depends on who you ask)

Saturday evening I hopped on the train to Cologne…


…knitting with this yarn is like knitting with confetti… (I kept repeating this the whole weekend to whomever would listen. Did you hear me? It’s.like.confetti. CONFETTI. Seriously.)


…and with a nice audio book to entertain me during the last of the boring stockinette on the body I was ready to bind off:body bind off

After arriving at the hotel I quickly started the first sleeve:

hotel bed knitting

Unfortunately, I had to stop knitting some time soon after this to get some knitting-interfering but very needed sleep. The next day at breakfast I picked up where I left off…

breakfast sleeve knitting

…and once at the fair it was actually kind of hard to put it down and go look at everything that was going on. So I did some more sleeve knitting at the Westknits and Ysolda booth:

stephen sleeve knitting

In the end I saw and swooned over so many beautiful products. I spend an inordinate amount of time at the Madeline Tosh booth (oh the pretty colors!!!)


And then there was this cuteness!

red robin cuteness

While the show came to a close I spend some time chatting and knitting with this lovely lady (I’m already knitting on the second sleeve here).

brioche company

Tired but full of new impressions and inspiration we headed back to the train station.

With the cathedral of Cologne in the background…

second sleeve bind off

…I bound off the second sleeve – hurray!

The train ride home gave me just enough time to knit the button bands…

only the button bands

…and after some finishing touches…


…I was done!

left over


What did I tell you..


…just like…




I love how long train rides and a weekend spent with your knitting friends can really motivate you to finish a project so much quicker than usual. Now if I could only finish that other project just as quickly…

But first I need some sleep. Blocking can wait until the morning…


  1. PRACHTIG, Roswitha!!!

    • Dankjewel, Ank!

  2. The sweater came out so well! It seriously is the confetti sweater. Nicely done!


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