Wake up scrub

Wake up scrub

I’m not a morning person. If I don’t set an alarm I will not wake up before 10 AM, no matter how early I went to bed the night before. So in the mornings, especially the early ones, I can use all the help I can get to wake up. That’s why, for Make and Mend Monday, I made another sugar scrub – this time with coffee! This one not a scrub for your hands but more of a general scrub you can use in the shower. The one I made two months ago doesn’t smell that nice anymore so I wanted to make one that packs a punch this time. It’s actually a pin that was sent to me by Lili, a friend from craft night (with a great blog!), after she read my first Sugar Scrub post. Thank you Lili!

Here are the ingredients I used:


  • Sweet almond oil (the recipe used castor oil)
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Vanilla extract (I only had aroma, figured that would be fine too)

I measured out half a cup of coffee…


…and half a cup of sugar…


…put them in a bowl and added half a teaspoon of vanilla.


I mixed this through with a fork…


…before adding both the oils.


I used a fork to mix in and break up the coconut oil before switching to a wooden spoon…

mix again

…and continued to mix for another minute or so until it had the consistency of brown sugar.

looks like brown sugar

Then I spooned it into a jar, closed the lid and labeled it with paint marker (to make sure I would never mix it up with actual brown sugar!).


I tried the scrub out this morning: I have to admit that I actually prefer my scrubs in a gel or lotion form. That’s just a lot more practical when using it in the shower. However, the idea of using home made beauty products trumps using a product of which I don’t know for sure what’s in it. So this is definitely a keeper. Not in the least because it smells really good and my skin felt really soft after using it.

I’m going to look for more DIY beauty products, if you have any more recommendations (Lili???) please say so in the comments! (Or send me your pins through Pinterest)


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