Two for one

Two for one

Hello blog, have I got an update for you! I took advantage of yesterday’s lovely weather and worked outside for both Make it Work Wednesday and Green Thumb Thursday.

I started with clearing out a neglected corner of our garden – the left side of our terrace.


It has become the hold all for recycling, empty planters, seeds, candle holders, soil and somewhere in between the clutter I’m trying to start some seeds as well. So, first thing I did is just clear it all out: which consisted of moving everything from this part of the terrace to the other side while sorting it out and throwing away the rubbish.

Here’s how it looked after the first round…

during tea break

…much better already right? Thomas made this storage bench for me for my 31st birthday and though it’s not finished yet, soon it might just be now that all the clutter is gone. This might be a good one for a Make and Mend Monday post…

I took a little tea break and in the meantime I rebooted the project I wrote about in this post a few weeks ago. The lavender cuttings I tried to propagate had dried out after I forgot about them for a week. Oops! So after digging up a few small pots I put them on a big terra cotta plate…

lavender reboot

…put some broken pieces of terra cotta on the bottom of the pots…

lavender reboot2

…and filled them with soil.

lavender reboot3

I put in lavender cuttings and also two sprigs of rosemary. Let’s hope for more success this time, but I guess watering them in time would help…

(I used two of the terra cotta pots to start some nasturtium seeds not pictured here).

propagating witha promise to water

By now I had finished my tea so I started putting everything back in its place. I sorted through all my planting pots, brushing them clean(ish) as I went. I put the big ones along the fence as they wont fit in the storage bench.

potting corner

I use that basket when I’m weeding (which is totally overdue and as soon as I finish this post I’ll be out in the garden).

The smaller pots, together with most used gardening tools, candle holders and glass jars, dust pan and brush, parasol stand, and charcoal now live in my newly reorganized storage bench!


The white basket is where we’ll put glass for recycling and the two green crates in the most left column are still empty but will hold other recyclables like paper and plastic. The white stand on top of the storage bench is where I keep my seedlings now. This way they’ll catch the most light and it looks pretty to boot. Meanwhile I’ll be on the look-out for more plastic crates. I love how, now that there’s no clutter in front of it, it looks so pretty already. Even without being finished!

Here’s another picture of the all cleared and clutter free storage bench corner, but with our hammock back in place:


After I was done with this project we decided to move the garden furniture around a bit, so here’s a panoramic shot to show you how it looks right now:


When I was finished with this project I moved on to Green Thumb Thursday. I had another cup of tea (in the hammock) and read up on this pin on growing rhubarb. Here’s how my rhubarb looked yesterday:


After reading the article I decided to harvest some of the bigger stalks. Making sure I didn’t take more that 1/3 of the plant and instead of cutting them off I twisted the stalk to snap it off the plant – this is supposed to prevent rotting.

So here’s my rhubarb harvest:

pulled rhubarb

I cut off the leaves to prevent them from wilting too quickly…

without leaves

…and wrapped them in plastic before storing them in a dark place. I’m thinking of making something with rhubarb for New Food Friday – it will be the first produce from the garden this year!

This finishes up the update of the last two days. As I’m running out of areas in my house to de-clutter I’ve decided to change Wednesday’s theme completely: from next week on Wednesday will be devoted to sewing related projects and so I’m re-dubbing it “Sewing Wednesday”! The weekends have been more and more about the knitting so I think it’s time to give the sewing related projects a bigger chance of actually getting done by having a day all about them.

Right now though, the sun has just come out, so it’s time to do some weeding…

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