To button a bracelet

To button a bracelet

Today truly was a Tiny Crafts Tuesday – I only spent 30 minutes on it! During the day I was too “busy” for I have spent pretty much all day in plant nurseries and the garden center. This is me trying to choose from violas and pansies 20 million different colors:


I came home with violas, tulips and a forsythia! But that’s all for Thursday – back to the button business I concerned myself with tonight.

The blue/white twine I found at HEMA last week and the buttons I have collected over the years. I dumped all my buttons (and beads) on the couch…

so many buttons

…and after trying some different combinations I chose to go with a white/seaglass mother-of-pearl theme.


I decided to go with the combo above but had to change it a bit once I started stringing the buttons: some of the holes in the buttons turned out to be too small. You start by making a slip knot big enough to slip the last button through. (I dipped the end of my cord into some candle wax for easy stringing like the tutorial recommended.) Then, you just string all the buttons on the cord, tie a knot at the end and voila!


The tutorial says to use some nail polish on the ends to keep the cord from fraying:


I was so happy with the result I made another one right away.


So now I got two new bracelets, hurray! (and violas, tulips and a forsythia…)

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