Sweeping out the shed

Sweeping out the shed

In the past week we’ve been doing some DIY and gardening and that meant that whenever we needed a specific tool we went into the garden shed, pulled down some boxes, spent 15 minutes searching for it and after not finding it deciding some other tool might do (and failing). So today I (ok, we) cleaned out and reorganized the right side of the shed in our garden. It stores all our tools, hardware, and garden supplies. I read this blogpost and these tips to get into the right mindset. Honestly though after two weeks of  organizing it’s all pretty much the same procedure.

1. You look at the horrible state it is in:


There was stuff on these shelves that didn’t even fall into the categories hardware, tools or garden. Like a box of shawls, scarves and hats that we didn’t miss this winter so most of that is going to goodwill. Anyway, so this is where you have to work up the courage to do this. (I almost didn’t go though with this project today. I started late, the weather didn’t turn our to be as nice as promised and I was just not really feeling it today.) So you try to ignore that threat of rain and you go and take step two.

2. Take everything from the shelves an put them out to be sorted:during1

HELP! The problem here is that I’m not really the designated DIYer in our house. I like to take on DIY projects sure, but Thomas is the one who will open a box of screwdriver bits and enthusiastically tell me why these particular screwdriver bits are way better than all the others we own. When I laughed he compared it to me squealing over my (wonderful, mind you!) set of Addi circular knitting needles. Valid point. The thing is when I started sorting this mess I just didn’t really know which tools we needed to keep and which we could get rid off. So….I procrastinated with the sorting out thing and first cleaned the shelves and swept the floor. Oh, now I told you about step 3.

3. Clean and sweep.


After this, I still wasn’t feeling it. So I asked Thomas (OK, demanded) to help me – and I’m grateful he did because even together it took over an hour to sort it all out. We binned the stuff that was broken, donated a lot  to goodwill, and reorganized the things we decided to keep in plastic see-through boxes. I used masking tape to write on the boxes what they now hold. Finally we were cold and crabby but luckily, done with sorting. Step 4 is really easy thankfully.

4. Put back the stuff you keep:


In the end all the tools, DIY supplies and hardware fitted into the shelves on the right. The gardening supplies only took up one shelf on the left, leaving room for the box of camping stuff, Christmas decorations, the tent, and the hammock.

So there you have it: another job done. I’m still moody. Sometimes you’re just moody and even that big I-reorganized-stuff-look-it’s-all-clean-and-in-its-place-buzz won’t help. Huh. Disappointing.

We got take out and called it a day.


  1. Well done! I think being moody & crabby was just yesterdays weather. I felt like stabbing someone most of the day. I didn’t though. Yay me.

    • I think you’re right. Today I’m doing much better, you?



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