Summer rolls in Spring

Summer rolls in Spring

A few months ago the Foodhallen in Amsterdam opened it’s doors – it is the first food court of the city and the selection of vendors is really very good: lots of variation in cuisine and in types of food (sweet and savory). I love to go there for lunch, which then often turns into lunch and drinks and then into lunch, drinks and dinner – it’s that good. Our favorite stand is Viet View: they serve really good Bánh mì (sandwiches) but our favorite are the goi cuon: rice paper spring rolls filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and pork or chicken. They’re served with a hoisin sauce or sweet and sour sauce. Tonight we wanted to try and make these spring rolls ourselves and we used a vegetarian recipe that we made very much not vegetarian by adding grilled chicken.

We got our rice paper from an Asian Supermarket – when you take it our of the packet it looks like this:


I’ve got two tips than will ensure spring roll making success:

  • do not soak your rice paper for too long – just make sure the whole sheet is wet and shake of excess water before you put it down on a clean surface.
  • do not overload your roll, the fragile rice paper will probably tear and it will be less easy to eat (though it will not be any less delicious).

Here’s what I did step by step:

Wet a sheet of  rice paper…


…put the sheet on the kitchen counter and place some noodles on top…


…add cucumber…


…and mango…


…carrot and lettuce…

lettuce carrot

…mint and koriander…


…and grilled chicken…


…fold bottom half of the sheet over the filling…


…fold in both sides…


…roll up gently but firmly…




We served them with the sweet chili dipping sauce that’s in the recipe and we also made some peanut sauce – YUM!


They were so good! Even though in taste we are still a long way off from the ones you can get at Viet View. I still think this makes a pretty decent Friday night dinner. 

And we double dip; because we dip that way.


  1. All for the double dipping!! Ps i did the pineapple starter last wknd and simply couldnt get it to work… next time ill put by the fire!!

    • Oh no! My starter failed miserably as well :( I was planning on doing the pineapple starter coming Friday. I do hope it will work this time. My plan is to get new flour – I read somewhere that your flour should be ‘fresh’. I also think my house isn’t warm enough but maybe putting next to the radiator will help.
      Keep me updated on your progress!


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