sssssst it’s still Thursday…

No it’s not is it? Ah man… Well – all I can say is: this early Friday-morning-blogpost-about-Thursday’s-project is brought to you by sleep. I was so busy yesterday that I still had to start with the pin of the day when I came home from Craft Night. I was planning to give our African hemp, or sparmannia africana, or kamerlinde in Dutch, a little bit of TLC. I had already read the English article and the Dutch article I had pinned for it – so I was fully convinced I could still pull this off. But then I made the big mistake of sitting down on the couch for juuuuuuuuust a minute. Because as soon as I sat down I started drifting off to sleep.

So here we are on Friday morning and I’m typing with soil under my fingernails at 8AM: I just repotted the african hemp.

Here’s a before picture I took:


Since I got this plant, a month or so ago, it had not been performing well at all. It was dropping it’s lower leaves already and more of them were turning yellow. I was afraid that I had been overwatering it but when I felt the earth around the roots I knew that couldn’t be the case – it was really dry! So I should actually water it more often.

I did what the articles suggested and I gave it a nice bath. While the plant was soaking up some much needed water I put some pebbles on the bottom of the pot it had been sitting in (still in it’s plastic container from the store) and some potting soil. After five minutes or so I put the plant back in the pot, without container this time, and filled up any open spaces with more potting soil.

Both articles also suggested that when the leaves are turning yellow it might be sitting in a place that’s too dark. So I also moved it to a spot that catches more light. Not in direct sunlight though, because that can ‘burn’ the leaves.

I’ll leave you with the picture I took just after it’s foot bath…


…leaves still a bit droopy, but I’m hopeful it will do better from now on.

I’m going to have some coffee and prepare for today’s project. I’m baking bread today! (no, sadly NOT from that starter….)

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