I only just today realized that with the intention to blog almost daily about this Pinterest adventure I actually have to write a post almost every day. When I was planning this adventure and brainstorming on the coming year and how I was going to put this all into action I have mainly been thinking about all the crafty things I am hoping to do this year and the new skills I’m hoping to learn. But today it hit me: I’m going to be writing a lot more. In English. I speak English almost daily but besides writing short notes I haven’t written long pieces of text since I was at university. I’m actually looking forward to be writing more than I have been doing in the past few years. It’s another skill I would like to improve upon. (So don’t hold back and call me out on my grammar mistakes and style errors in the comments!) This realisation came to me when I was busy with today’s project and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what these are called in English:


No idea. Clueless. I actually had to Google “window cleaning supplies” to figure it out: squeegee! Of course! Googling ‘squeegee’ then took me to the wikipedia page of the squeegee and I learned that the squeegee was invented only after the development of skyscrapers and people needed a tool to be able to clean a lot of windows quickly. Huh. You learn something every day.

But I won’t let Wikipedia distract me (and you) from the task at hand today: reorganizing my kitchen sink cupboard for Make it Work Wednesday. The pin for today’s project was meant to be more of a bit of inspiration and not that I completely follow a tutorial or a pattern like the past two days. I think this will happen more often with posts on Wednesday. I don’t intend to exactly copy the things I pin on storage, organizing, and cleaning. I plan to always highlight what I took away from the article and show you what I did with it.

Let’s start with a ‘before’ picture. This is how my kitchen sink cupboard looked this morning:


It was very cluttered, I had no idea what exactly was in there and I felt I was not using the space I have the best way. So I cleared everything out of there, cleaned the inside as best as I could and then I was ready to reorganize.


So which tips and tricks did I use from today’s article?

Keep cleaners where you use them. I found a few things that applied here: shoe shining stuff that I should store somewhere else, and cleaning supplies I use for the bathroom only – they went to their new home in the cupboard under the stairs.

Recycle, donate or bin the stuff you don’t use. This brings me back to the start of our post: the squeegee. Does a person really need 5 squeegees?


I don’t even remember buying these! We hardly ever use them – this is where I disclose that we don’t clean our windows that often – so I discarded the three smaller ones.


Same thing with brushes! do you really need more than two? I thought not so I got rid of the plastic one.

The containers for your supplies and tools do not have to be expensive. In fact, I didn’t want to buy anything for this small reorganization project. I have plenty of boxes to store it all in. I just needed to find the right ones for the job. I used closed containers for stuff I don’t use very often. and the rest is within easy reach in open baskets or boxes.

Time for the “after” picture I think:


The white basket on the left now holds all our cleaning supplies like vinegar, bleach and all purpose cleaner. Next to that are the dish washer detergent and other stuff we use daily. In one of those two clear boxes I put the brushes, squeegees (!) and other cleaning tools. In the other clear box are what must be a thousand tea lights! I really do not need more of those in the near future. I just had been keeping them in another cupboard, very much out of reach and had no idea I still had so many. Now I have more room in this cupboard I can store them in a much more logical place – at least this feels logical to me. In the box on top of the tea lights I now keep bin bags, ziplock bags, baking parchment etc.

I’m so happy with this result! I feel like I can now slowly start tackling all cupboards and and storage areas in my house. In fact, I almost started with the cupboard next to this one – but I had to leave for an appointment and I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. I like this process of really thinking it through: what needs to be in here and what doesn’t. Next week I’m going to put this article into practice.


  1. Hier heb ik ook alweer wat van geleerd!
    Maar: denk er wel aan dat als er kleine peuters over de vloer komen, je alle schoonmaakmiddelen buiten hun bereik moet zetten… en dan is het zoeken naar een goed plekje niet al te ver weg!

  2. Blogging everyday is a real commitment!Keep up the good work.

    I’m really enjoying your blog and, BTW, your English is better than mine.

  3. I second MJ. Your English writing is better than most of the native speaker blogs out there. Keep it up!

  4. Love,Love,Love Roswhita,nou moet ik mijn kasten ook uitmesten en reorganiseren šŸ˜€

    • Ik las dat je begonnen bent met je kledingkast! Goed hoor!



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