Ha! I’ll show you a small bathroom

Ha! I’ll show you a small bathroom

Today, in another installment of project “decluttered house” I tackled our bathroom cabinets. They are those basic IKEA cabinets with a sink on top of the lower cabinet and the top cabinet’s door is a mirror. We’ve had the top cabinet for some time already and we used an IKEA trolley for the stuff that didn’t fit in there:

corner before

As you can see, stuff’s flowing over and it’s very messy. Also, it makes it pretty crowded in the bathroom, especially if we also want put our laundry hamper in here. So, a month or two ago we the matching bottom cabinet with sink from IKEA. We installed it right away, were both very happy with the result and then……….left it like that for months! In fact, the only things in there up until today were some cleaning supplies that I put there after I de-cluttered the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Time for an overhaul on this Make it Work Wednesday!

To get me started today I read this article (from a very annoying website) with tips and tricks on bathroom storage. It wasn’t really a good fit though. the article was written by an American and I think we do not really agree on what I think is a small bathroom, and what the writer thinks is a small bathroom! Also, I only have one bathroom so storing the second bottle of shampoo in the guest bath is not really an option. It did have some good tips though like: throw away anything you haven’t used in the last year and to check the expiry date on your medicines. (Funny thing in that article: they recommend a small cart for toiletries just like the one I want out of there!)

The article did help me decide how I wanted to go about this and so with no further ado – I present to you: the before photo’s!

The top cabinet…

up before

…bottom cabinet…

below before1(I know, why so empty???)

…and the trolley.

corner before

I do love this trolley though and I have a new purpose for it – don’t worry – it’s just too big for this tiny Amsterdam bathroom and the things I store in here get so dusty over time. The layer of dust that I had to wipe off the first aid kit was ridiculous.

So after a whole evening of throwing away old paracetamol, empty deodorant canisters, half empty bottles of hotel toiletries plus a little reorganizing and cleaning: this is now the top cabinet…

up after

…yes it’s still very full of stuff: I just find that when I store the stuff I rarely use in box I forget that I have it and then in the end I never use it. But I managed to empty the trolley and in it’s place…

corner after

…now sits the laundry hamper!

In the bottom cabinet I’ve put the all the non toiletry things:

below after

In here are things like a box with medicines and band aids, the first aid kit, a hot water bottle and a box with electrical stuff like a hair dryer, water pick and razor.

I’m very happy with this result – there’s more room in the bathroom now and I know exactly where to look for what.

Throwing away my non fancy nail polish was especially cathartic – who has time for chippy nail polish right?

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