Puff pastry perfection

Puff pastry perfection

This year’s first produce from the garden was rhubarb (herbs don’t count I think). This called for a festive dish and coincidentally, Jeroen Meus made these Rhubarb Pastries earlier this week so I knew exactly what to make this New Food Friday. The recipe uses puff pastry – when store bought this is one of those wonderful little effort, great result ingredients  – making for quickly whipped up dessert or treat to have with coffee or tea.

I came home late yesterday but as we had a big lunch earlier that day neither of us was very hungry. We ended up snacking on the couch, both of us too lazy to get up and make that salad we had planned. In the end, we decided to skip dinner altogether. However, the thought of these rhubarb pastries gave me just enough energy to get up and tear myself away from the TV and make us a nice late night dessert.


Jeroen Meus gets his puff pastry from the bakery. I have no idea whether any bakery near my house has it too, but I still had puff pastry squares in my freezer so I opted for those. The puff pastry squares I had were thinner than the bakery puff pastry Meus used and he says to use two layers of those to get high enough pastries. I used a dessert bowl like this one…

use glass

…to cut out my pastry circles.

use glass2

I made an egg wash by mixing an egg yoke with a little bit of water…

whisk yoke

…and I brushed the first layer of pastry with a little bit of the egg wash…

egg wash glue

…before adding the second layer.

top pastry layer

Then I poured a little bit of maple syrup on top (the recipe uses simple sugar syrup)…

maple syrup2

…and spread it out with a spoon…

maple syrup3

…then sprinkled over some almond flakes, and pressed them lightly into the dough…


…before adding a few more drops of maple syrup.

drizzle more maple syrup

These went into a 180 degree Celcius oven for 30 minutes. Which is just the amount of time I needed to prepare the filling.

I peeled my rhubarb…

peel rhubarb

…and cut them into 1cm pieces.

cut rhubarb

Then, I put them in a small stove pot with a knob of butter…

butter and rhubarb

…added a smallish table spoon of sugar…

add sugar

…and a small cinnamon stick.


The rhubarb starts to release liquid almost right away so there’s no need to add water. I put on a lid and let it simmer for 15 minutes on a very low heat.

Meanwhile I made the mascarpone cream:

I mixed 125 grams of mascarpone cream…


…with powdered sugar (1/2 tablespoon) and vanilla seeds (from 1 pod)…

add vanilla and sugar

…added the zest of a lime…

lime zest

…and mixed well.

By now the rhubarb had been simmering for about 15 minutes and had become a beautiful pink pulp. I transferred it to a bowl and set it aside to cool.

rhubarb compote

When the pastry shells had puffed up and turned golden brown I took them out of the oven.

all set

Here came the hard part: waiting for the shells to cool down.

After about ten excruciating minutes I took a serrated knife and cut the shells in half lengthwise…

cut open

…put a big dollop of cream on the bottom and made a little well in the cream so it would hold the rhubarb better….

mascarpone first

…then divided the rhubarb over the cream…

rhubarb second

…and placed the other half of the puff pastry shell on top. I took a picture…


…and dove in!

They were absolutely delicious and literally gone in 60 seconds! I loved the combination of the tangy and fresh rhubarb with the mascarpone cream.

I don’t think my rhubarb plants will be able to keep up with demand as I’m no obsessively thinking of other recipes with rhubarb in them. I might just get some from the store tonight on my way home…

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