Propagating with a promise to prune

Propagating with a promise to prune

I have a lavender plant in the back of the garden that I never pruned properly. Now, the bottom is all woody and even though the tops are starting to grow out again I don’t think it’ll be much to look at anymore.


I could just take this one out, put a new one in it’s place, and then promise faithfully to prune when it needs pruning. But why buy one when you can grow it yourself? I have tried growing lavender from seed but that takes ages. So I pinned these instructions on how to propagate lavender and today thought I’d give it a try.

I filled two terra cotta pots with soil and sprayed with water:

dampen soil

Then I took six cuttings off the lavender plant – making sure I got the green non-woody parts…


…and stripped the leaves off of the lower part of the cuttings…

stripped cuttings

…stuck three in each pot…

place cuttings in soil

…and watered them thoroughly, and that was it!


At least that’s what the instructions say is it. They are a bit droopy now so I hope I’ve done this right. I have to keep the soil damp for the coming weeks and then water less frequently after that. We’ll see what happens – I’ll keep you updated. Until then, the straggly one can stay.


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