Pin point

Pin point

Today’s pin is short but sweet. I’ve been busy all day with really exciting things that I can’t share with the blog just yet but stay tuned and all will be revealed.

I really like doing these little origami tutorials when I’m short on time. They’re not hard to learn and I’m slowly adding stuff to my catalog of things I can now actually make without thinking to much about it. This always comes in handy when you’re wrapping a present or need do decorate something for a party.

For today I made an origami arrow magnet. I used origami paper and these little magnets that I got at Dille & Kamille. The tutorial uses magnet tape but they were out of stock at my local HEMA. I’m definitely ordering it though because it will come in handy for future pins.


The folding itself is really simple. I started by folding the paper in half but only pinching it to indicate where the center line should be. If you would make a fold here the finished arrow will have a horizontal line running down the middle and that’s not very pretty.


I then folded top and bottom of the paper to the middle…


…shaped the left side into a point…


…then I folded the pointy side in…


…and turned the work over.

tunr over

Then I lifted the bottom (the folded edge) up and made a fold about 1.5 centimeter from the bottom (letting the pointy side flip out from under it)…



…I turned the work over again and picked up the top half and while folding the length of paper down to the middle shaped the left side so it aligns with the arrow…




…and repeated for the other side…

place under fold

I used one of the little magnet’s and slipped it under one of the folds…


…then closed the back with a piece of tape – this also helps the arrow lay more flat as the paper I used was quite thick.

Do you think Thomas will notice the little grocery list I left for him this morning?



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