Pickle pin

Pickle pin

Thomas and I talk a lot about food. We usually start discussing what to have for dinner when we have our coffee in the morning. I don’t think it ever happens that one of us decides what we are having for dinner, and then makes it, without the other knowing what’s on the menu for that evening. It’s fun, because I like talking about food and recipes, but it can be tiring as well. Especially when Thomas changes his mind, again, about what he would like to make for dinner and I’m already all excited about the dish we had already decided upon. However, it’s also what I really love about him: he really cares about the food we eat and how we prepare it. Which doesn’t mean we never have fast food or take out because we do quite often: we’re both not very fond of cooking while hungry. But new, exciting recipes and perfecting a dish is something we talk about for hours!

We’ve been wanting to make a Pulled Pork recipe for a few weeks now and it seems like this Sunday we finally have the time (because it takes a while to make!). When I was looking for something to do today, for the New Food Friday post, I saw this Pickled Slaw recipe that I thought would go great with the pulled pork. Also, I’ve never pickled anything and this seemed like an easy enough recipe to start with.

The ingredients I used were very basic:


  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • salt
  • carrot
  • cucumber
  • radishes (The recipes uses Jicama – which I’ve never had before, and am now trying to track down for it wasn’t available at the store I was today. Radish isn’t meant to replace it as I believe the taste is very different. I just liked the idea of pickled radish and I though it would go well with cucumber and carrot.)

The recipe said to use a mandoline but I’ve recently almost lost a finger using ours. So I opted to just use a knife to julienne the carrot. I actually like cutting up vegetables carefully, it’s a very zen activity – much like winding yarn. julienne carrot

15 minutes later I had a cup of carrots julienned and piece of mind.

The cucucmber I deseeded although the recipe didn’t call for that. I didn’t want all that water in there diluting the pickle juice.


I quartered the radishes, for no other reason than that I thought it was pretty.


The pickling liquid is very basic:

Two cups of vinegar…


…a 1/4 cup of sugar…


…and two tablespoons of salt.


The sugar and salt have to dissolve in the vinegar so you put it over medium heat and stir. The reason I didn’t take a picture of this is that my stove is incredibly dirty and I didn’t want to clean it.

Here is the mixture when the sugar and salt have dissolved:

vinegar mixture

When I had everything ready for assembly I decided I also wanted to add some herbs and spices to make it all a bit more exciting.

herbs and spices

I chose peppercorns, cloves, fennel seeds, dried thyme and fresh bay leaf. I love this combination in soup or broth so I’m hoping it will work in a pickle as well.

I had sanitized a jar and lid by boiling them in water for a few minutes or so and leaving them to air dry on a dish towel.

mason jar

I started with the radishes and added half of the spice mixture…

step radish

…then came the cucumber and the second half of the spices…

step cucumber

…lastly came the carrots. I had to push it down a bit to fit everything in.

step carrot

Then I just poured the still hot mixture over the vegetables:


Then I screwed the lid on top and took a picture:


I let it cool down to room temperature before I put it in the fridge. The recipe says that it needs at least a night in the fridge. So now begins the waiting game… I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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