Pantry purge

Pantry purge

It’s Make it Work Wednesday so that means today I take another small step towards a super organized house….right?!  I read an article I pinned on how to do a pantry purge and for this Wednesday I focused on sorting out some of our cooking equipment and utensils. Most of these we store in a cabinet in our dining room/kitchen:


In the top of this cabinet we keep our tableware and in the bottom we store things like bowls, measuring cups, cake tins, and food containers. The top we keep pretty organized because of the glass doors, but the bottom part is very cluttered. There’s stuff in there that’s incomplete like food containers with missing lids or old kitchen appliances that don’t work anymore because an essential part is missing. Other items in there we haven’t used since we moved into this house, either because we didn’t know we still had them (hidden behind all the clutter) or just because we have no use for it. I also want to move all the kitchen appliances in this cabinet to the drawer beneath the oven. At the moment this drawer is where we keep kitchen towels and a few miscellaneous items that we’ve just chucked in there because we had no other place for them. Time for a serious purge of both the cabinet and the drawer!

This is the before picture of the right side of bottom cabinet space:before right

This is before picture of the left side:

before left

And this is how the oven drawer was pre-purge:

before oven drawer

I re-read the article I linked above before I started and kept a few tips in mind when I was sorting through all the stuff I had in there:

  • toss ‘crappy quality’
  • ‘keeping multiple versions of the same tool causes clutter’
  • get rid of broken or incomplete equipment
  • make sure the stuff you do use often is easily accessible
  • it’s okay to keep stuff that has sentimental value
  • specialty tools can contribute to clutter: “access how often you actually use each gadget or toy, and if it’s genuinely useful, keep it.”

I took everything out of cabinet and drawer and piled it all up on the table.

pile table

Then I went through each item one by one – getting rid of everything that didn’t “sparkle joy”. I decided dump all my plastic food containers: they are all in different shapes and sizes – making it difficult to store them easily in the little space we have. Furthermore, we usually keep leftovers in bowls covered with cling film. I also got rid a few ‘multiples’ after I counted 3 graters, 4 utensils to skim foam off of broth, 4 ice cube trays, 4 aprons, and 2 thermoses – to name a few. There were things we never use like place mats (I don’t like place mats – they make me feel like I’m a toddler), a popsicle mold and some of my cookie cutters (that was a hard one) and they also went into the bag to donate. Anything that was broken or incomplete I just binned. Here’s the IKEA bag I’m taking to good will this week:


Then I was ready to put back the items I decided to keep. I tried to do it in a way that was practical but we’ll probably tweak this further throughout the week. Everything we use daily (mixing bowls, measuring cups and kitchen towels) I put on the shelves to the right because that’s the side closest to the kitchen.

after right

The whole left side is now dedicated to baking tins and utensils. I’ve learned not to stack these too snugly – when they are a bit more spread out it’s easier to get out of there what you need.

after left

In the middle on the bottom shelf I put a box with all the small items we don’t use often but are still worth keeping (a lot of sparkling joy in that box!). On the top shelf in the middle I now keep the étagères – these I love and absolutely won’t get rid of but they don’t have to be easily accessible because they only are used for parties.

All the appliances and their accompanying bits and bobs are now stored in the drawer under the oven together with the two aprons I decided to keep.

after oven drawerIt’s so true that you feel so much lighter when you get rid stuff that you don’t really need. I’m so glad I decided to not only do crafty stuff for this blog because I would so love to have a more ‘organized’ house. These Wednesdays force me to not do a complete overhaul at once, but to approach this step by step and I think this thorough approach will keep this house less cluttered in the long run instead of just being neat and tidy for a few days. Though maybe next week I should start earlier in the day. This pantry purge was done after 8PM tonight (hence the bad lighting in the pictures) Thomas suggested I should change the name to “A pin A night” – very funny. I mean, it’s only 30 minutes after twelve right now and I’m almost ready to publish this post!


  1. complimenten! o ja, wat mij heel goed beviel was een extra plank in mijn servieskast… soms heb je in de hoogte minder ruimte nodig dan in de breedte, in verband met de vele verschillende categorieën zal ik maar zeggen…. Soms kun je loze ruimte tussen de planken ook handig vullen met ‘barbertjes’. Ik ga zelf binnenkort mijn keuken-kastruimte ook nog eens anders indelen…

    • ja – daar dacht ik ook nog aan, maar het werkt nu zo best aardig. Mijn nieuwe devies is: beter minder spullen dan meer ruimte proberen te creeeren.

  2. Wow, good job! Thanks for the link to the article…good thoughts as I atempt to declutter over the next year. Less stuff = less stress!

    • You can do it! I’ll come over and help :)



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