No mosquitoes allowed

No mosquitoes allowed

The last two days were like Summer’s already here and I’m loving it. I’ve been outside in the garden almost non-stop, pottering around, pulling weeds, enjoying the sunshine, hanging out with cat Lola, knitting, and in the evening: cooking up some really nice meals. The only downside that comes with this weather: the mosquitoes. They always seem to like me better than Thomas (or Lola). So today, without even browsing my Make and Mend Monday board, I knew exactly what I wanted to make today: this anti mosquito candle!

It’s a glass jar filled with water, herbs, and essential oils with a floating candle on top. When you light the candle it will warm up the water making the jar effectively a scented candle that will (hopefully) repel the mosquitoes. I couldn’t find any floating candles at my local home goods store but I do already have a lot of tea lights. I figured I could make some kind of hanging contraption to hang the tea light in the water instead of using a floating candle.

Here’s what I used:


  • glass jar
  • large tea light
  • scissors
  • wire
  • piercer
  • foam (for table protection)

I pierced four holes in the aluminum casing of the tea light…

punch hole

…I tried to pierce holes as close to the top of the casing as possible.

holes punched

Then I cut four pieces of wire…

four ends of wire

…I didn’t like the green coating on the wire for this project. I stripped it off by cutting into the plastic with scissors and then pulling it off…

strip wire

…resulting in four naked wires.

wire stripped

I attached each wire to the aluminum casing, trying to tie it as neatly as I could.

first end attached

When I had attached all four wires I used  measuring tape to make sure I bent all wires at the same length…

making ends even

…using these small pliers.

bend wire

Then, I hung the the tea light in the jar to check whether it was level…

tealight hanging

…and then I used the pliers to shape the ends of the wire.

make ends pretty

That was it! My little plan had worked!

candle holder done

The tutorial says to use rosemary, mint, lime and citronella oil. I didn’t have any citronella oil but I did have lavender oil and that repels mosquitoes as well.

anti mosquito ingredients

I put the herbs and slices of lime in the jar, filled it with water…

add water

…and added a few drops of lavender oil.

add lavender oil

Then all I had to do was light it:

bye mosquito1

I really like how pretty this looks in the wire basket!

Bonus: when I’m not using the candle I can just close it with the lid!

candle covered

I’m armed and ready for summer!

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