My shed revisited

My shed revisited

A few weeks ago I reorganized some shelves in the shed for Make it Work Wednesday. In the “after” picture I took great care to only photograph the right side of the shed:


That was because the left side still looked like this:


Apart from all the stuff in there that we don’t need or use, that chest of drawers is the problem in here. Even though you can store a lot of stuff in it, it takes up way to much space and some of the drawers were stuck because the floor isn’t level. So today, after a lovely sunny walk in the park and a really nice lunch at De Bakkerswinkel we went to the hardware store on our way home and got another storage unit like the white ones we have on the left.

It still was way too lovely outside to spend too much time on this job so I kind of rushed it, with the result that I didn’t take any progress photo’s. Just imagine the grass covered with drawers, and boxes, and old clothes, japanese fondue set…you get the picture.

Apparently I was is a very dismissive mood because I got rid of a LOT of STUFF. After I was done the grass looked like this:

empty chest

And the shed looked like this!


Middle view:


And the view to the right:


I don’t think there has been that much empty floor space since we moved in. I love it!

(for now though that floor space is being taken up with the bags and bags of stuff that’s going to be donated…)

I also got yellow daisies at the hard ware store. Because you can’t go to the hardware store and just buy a boring set of shelves when they also have yellow daisies. Everybody knows that. Plus, they make for a very pretty blog post picture!


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!
    gelukkig ga ik thuis niet over de shed ore garage

    • lucky you…. 😉



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