Moppe makeover

Moppe makeover

The project I did today must be one of most pinned projects on Pinterest. That probably makes sense: it’s quick, easy, cheap and the result is a total makeover. Ok, maybe it’s not a total makeover but the end result is a lot less boring than what you start out with.

I think almost everyone I know owns an IKEA Moppe. We have three; which is the result of the merging of our stuff when Thomas and I first moved in together. I use them to store a lot of my craft supplies like pencils, rulers, markers and tape. The pin that inspired me features another model of the Moppe (I can’t find the ones we have in their catalogue anymore) and the tutorial was in Swedish but I figured I didn’t need a tutorial to do this project.

Here are my supplies:


  • Moppe cabinets
  • paint
  • masking tape
  • sandpaper
  • paint roller and tray

First I gave the Moppes a thorough cleaning as they were full of pencil dust. Oh, and normal dust.


Now, if I had been following a tutorial I would have then proceeded to sand down the surfaces I wanted to paint, and wiped them down again before I put on the masking tape. However, I was so excited to create a design and before I knew it I had done this:

masking tape


And then this…

lining up


…so I could do this:

masking tape aligned


To end up with this:

check look

Only then did I realize I still had to sand everything! So, I took all the masking tape off again and properly sanded the top and sides of the Moppe and the drawer fronts. The top of this cabinet had a few water stains so I thought a coat of paint would not go amiss.



After sanding I wiped of the dust and reapplied the masking tape. Now – word of warning if you want to do this too (without a tutorial) and you are as impatient a person as I am: WAIT FOR YOUR SURFACE TO DRY before applying the masking tape. I didn’t and when I pulled it off after painting, some of the glue on the tape would not come away and I’ll have to rub that off tomorrow when the paint has sufficiently dried. So, take it from me. After wiping down your Moppe, go make a cup of tea while it dries in the sun, ok?

Ok, so after a little delay I was ready to paint!


I placed the cabinet on a turned upside down terra cotta saucer so I could paint the top and sides in one go.

ouside done

Here are the drawer fronts done.

first moppe fronts done

I had to leave it for a minute or ten (had another cup of tea) before it was dry to the touch. The sun this afternoon was a great help.

first moppe done

Then came the most exciting part of the project: taking off the masking tape.

peel off1

This is so gratifying!

I slid the drawers back into the cabinet right away and left it out in the sun to dry further.

first moppe done 2

For the second Moppe I created a stylized mountain design:


The outside of this cabinet still looked fine so I only painted the drawer fronts on this one:

second moppe fronts painting done

With a belly full of tea I had to sit on my hands to wait a few minutes before I could start taking off the masking tape again – can you see the excitement?!!

peeling off masking tape2

Here’s a close-up of one drawer front:

close up peeling

Look at those sharp lines!




This little mishap aside, the lines on this cabinet turned out a lot sharper than the first – pro tip (apparently): after applying your tape rub down the sides an extra few times. This way you can prevent the paint from going under the tape.

My as new mountain Moppe now lives in this caddy we have in the back room. To store paper and office supplies in I think.

wide moppe

And this Moppe, for now, will have go back into the craft supply closet. We’re planning a little overhaul in our house though to create a small office/craft space. And this lovely cabinet is getting pride of place on my new desk!

high moppe

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