Me made macrame

Me made macrame

Another sunny day meant I moved Tiny Craft Tuesday outside into the garden. While there, browsing the Tiny Crafts Tuesday board on my phone, I thought I’d make something for the garden. I have never done any macrame before and a plant hanger like this one seemed an easy beginner project. I’d like to have more hanging plants in the garden, and while I don’t have any to put in my new hanging planter yet, that’s easily fixed with a trip to the supermarket. Or the hardware store.

Here are the supplies for today’s project:


  • kitchen twine (seems I can’t stay away)
  • scissors
  • beads
  • measuring tape
  • planter

I started by cutting 4 pieces of 150 cm…

4 ends make 8

…folded those double and tied them together about an inch under the fold.

beginning knot

I then had to divide the eight ends in pairs of two…

two by two

…and I used the top of the button jar to make sure I’d tie the knots at the same length from the center.

first knot

I continued until the third round, tying together alternating sets of ends, each the same distance from the previous round of knots.

second round of knots

However, this way the bottom of the macrame hanger became way too narrow. Result: baggy bottom.

open bottom

I switched to another tactic: I turned over the pot and stretched the macrame out over it and put something heavy (cup of tea) on top to keep it in place…

direct knot technique

…tried tying the knots evenly, while making enough room for the pot to hang in…

fourth round

…and I continued further down.

tea is weight

I had great difficulty getting the knots evenly in the same spot so it ended up being a little wonky, but I decided I liked the “rustic” look!

When the macrame hanger was large enough I tied one last round of knots above the planter and added the green glass beads for a sparkly touch…


…then I hung it from what I think is a firethorn.


I fixed the baggy bottom by untying the first knot and tightening that first round.


Something tells me I’ll be buying some geraniums in the nearby future…

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  1. Hi Roswitha, I love the black and white cord you chose for this macrame plant hanger. It turned out great! What a good choice for a first project. If you are now hooked on macrame and interested in learning more about it, we are launching micro-macrame tutorials very soon. My husband is a macrame jewelry designer. The knots are small but the level of detail you can achieve with macrame is pretty awesome. Join us, if you’re interested… we’d love to have you in our macrame community.


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