Making Wednesday work

Making Wednesday work

Just look at those pretty beet leaves! Aren’t they lovely? I took this picture at my friend Renske’s allotment yesterday. I was helping her out with weeding and building a trellis. Today’s upcoming Green Thumb Thursday’s post will be all about that, plus a general update on how my own garden is doing.

I just wanted to check in this morning to let you know that I failed to make this Make it Work Wednesday actually, you know, work. After all the gardening done yesterday I just wanted to hang out a little in front of the TV before I went to bed. Also, the persistent head cold that’s decided to become a faithful “friend”  this week isn’t helping.

More importantly though, I don’t really like how past Wednesdays have come to do so little with doing pin projects and that instead the focus has been on clearing clutter. Clearing clutter in general has been a good thing: I really like the effect it has on our house and how much nicer it has become to be in. I just think that Wednesday’s posts haven’t been as fun to write (and read!)

So I’m going to use this week to come up with a better theme for Wednesday. It might become something completely different, but I do intend to still be doing updates on my de-cluttering projects, just maybe not weekly.

That’s it for today, I’m going to make myself some chamomile tea.

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