Kambur goes to finishing school

Kambur goes to finishing school

I just had the best day. First off all, because I had a lovely day with some really lovely people who came and hung out in our garden to celebrate my birthday. Second: I.FINALLY.FINISHED.THE.SWEATER.

Technically, I had finished the knitting part on Wednesday but then there were still all these ends to weave in!

so many ends

I hate weaving in the ends. I’m sloppy at it, I have no patience for it, and I rather not do it at all because I think it makes the inside look less pretty. However, I think my nephew would hate to wear this sweater with all the ends still hanging out so I kind of had to.

So today, when the lovely people had gone home again, I settled down on the couch with the sweater and a tapestry needle and got to work. Two episodes of The Walking Dead later I had this:

take that ends

Alright. So now I will show you what I would never show you if this wasn’t an “let’s document all the crafty things I do and how it works out”-blog: My sloppy, untidy, horrible weaving-ends-in-job.

messy messy1

messy messy2

It’s not that I don’t know how to do this properly, I just don’t have the patience for it. At least, not if there are a (what feels like) a million ends to weave in. And let’s face it: with my working pace I would have never finished this if I had done this the ‘right way’. Also, turned right side out again, you can’t really see that messy, messy handiwork of mine:

so neat

Next up was a little soak…

a little soak

…and now it’s blocking – hurray!


When it’s dry I can finally send this off to Scotland. Phew!


Now, I think I need to address something. It’s obvious that I might have bitten off a little more than I can chew. You can only write so many “I didn’t finish this in time” blog posts before that gets boring. So I’ve been thinking how I can make this blog more interesting during the weekend (for me and for those who read it). What I’ve realized in the past few weeks is that the knitting and sewing projects that I do on the weekends usually need more time than just those two days that I have for them. I know, that really sounds like a no-brainer but apparently I needed the experience of writing blog posts at 3 AM to realize that. So what I would like to do is start monthly projects where I finish one knitting or sewing project in a month and give updates on how I’m doing in the weekend. I’ll incorporate other pins on techniques or tips and tricks that I am using during a project. For instance: When I’m knitting a cardigan I’ll focus on a specific cast on technique in week one, a special short row technique in week two, a smart way to set in sleeves in week three and maybe even a pin on weaving in ends in week four, who knows?! This way I will still do a specific pin each weekend but I’ll be able to also take on bigger projects then just a simple pillow cover.

So next week? I’m casting on for a cardigan. For me. Oh yes. I don’t know which one yet so I’ll do some research this week. I like this one, and this one, but also this one, and oooh this one‘s pretty too!


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