Handicraft hybris

Handicraft hybris

Oh blog – I did fail you this weekend. I should have known that the De Joode family visit would screw up my already tight schedule for doing pins and blogging about it. I took a blog break Saturday and spend the evening with my brother and his family at my dad’s. On Sunday we all visited my mother for a lovely week late Easter Brunch. After brunch we went for a walk then we all went home. And then I took a nap (because kids are exhausting!) and woke up at about 6PM with only the evening left to do a pin and blog about it. Oh and eat.

However, I thought: aim high or go home! So I decided I wanted to finish this jumper I’ve been knitting for my nephew Oskar. I have been working on this on and off for almost a year now and I thought it would be nice to be able to give it to him before he goes home.

I had already finished the body and the sleeves:


With only the yoke to go I thought this was in the bag – Ha! Turns out knitting hybris is a bitch. First of all, I hadn’t worked on this project for a while so I had forgotten about the modifications I had made. For instance; I had lengthened the body and sleeves but I also did less increases on the sleeves which resulted in my stitch count to be off. I also misread the chart and thought I needed a multiple of nine stitches instead of eight. Long story short: an hour and a half later and I had only just joined sleeves to the body and was ready to start withe the color chart:

sleeces attached

Still thinking I could totally do this I made myself some tea, turned on Netflix, and with old episodes of House M.D. in the background I knit…

begin color work

…and knit…

house helps

…and knit…

steady as she goes

…and then it was 3AM. I admitted defeat. The yoke had won.

admittig defeat

Nothing left to do but to set the alarm and go to bed.

At 8.30 with lots of caffeine in my body I picked up where I left off.

coffee and knitting

I managed to do a few rounds before my sister came to pick us up for our family trip to the Efteling! The Efteling is a theme park a bit more than 90 minute drive from Amsterdam. Which meant: Car knitting time!

car knitting

When we arrived at the park I did take my knitting in with me, I even knit a few stitches during a snack break in the Fairytale Forest…

park knitting

…however – that’s all the knitting I did during the day. So when we headed back home, I hadn’t really gotten any further:

bye efteling

In the car on our way back, I tried to make up for time and I actually finished the color chart the minute we got off the highway in Amsterdam.

almost there

Now I only have to do the ribbing and that’s it!

Yeah – I know.

Today is Monday and instead of writing about the unfinished pin project of the weekend I should have been writing a blog post on making my own hand soap for the soap dispenser I made last week. Like I planned. But I didn’t make any hand soap today and I have decided to declare blog bankruptcy. There was no way I would have had time for anything else today and I really don’t want to do something hastily just for the sake of having something to show on the blog. I rather just finish this jumper.

This week I’m going to focus on getting more organized for the blog so I have some more things ready to go for when I get busy with non-blog life.

But for now I’m going knit some 1×1 ribbing. Oskar and the family leave on Wednesday and I will finish this in time.


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  1. You are an ace knitting auntie and oskar is so lucky to have such a beautiful jumper coming his way. One big super thank you. Xx


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