Grow avocado grow!

Grow avocado grow!

I tried out this tutorial on growing your own avocado plant a few weeks ago. Sadly though not much is happening with that pit as of yet. I do think I spotted  some kind of tear on the bottom of the pit so I’m staying hopeful and I’m dutifully refreshing the water in the glass every other day.

A few days ago however Thomas bought some mini avocados and now I’m repeating this pin because: mini avocados! How cool is that?! This time I’m trying three different approaches. Everybody keeps telling me that growing an avocado plant from a pit is hardly ever successful and I thought I better cover all my bases.

That first tutorial above has your basic “clean your avocado pit, stick some toothpicks in it, hang it in glass with water” instructions and that’s what I did with mini avocado pit number one:

with skin

second tutorial I pinned says that you should dry out your pit for a couple of days. So I cleaned a pit on Monday and left it to dry out. Tonight I peeled of the skin and then followed the same instructions as above: stick three toothpicks in the pit and hang in water. This skinned pit is about the size of a raisin and this makes me very doubtful whether it will work for it looks nothing like the picture of the tutorial.

without skin2

The third method is to just put the pit in soil right away. I was at craft night tonight and when I told my friend Elli about my pin of the day she said she always just puts the pit in soil. Well, it’s worth a try right?

avocado in soil

So now I have four small glasses in my windowsill.


I will keep the blog updated on the results. If there are any. I hope there are! MINI AVOCADOS! So. Cool.


  1. What mini-avocados, where?

    • :) Estafette Biologische Eetwinkel

  2. I tried the first and the third and the both worked :) my avocado plant is about 1 meter tall, the other one (planted much later) is about 30 cm tall :) Unfortunately an avocado tree can become huge, so I hope the mini avocado’s grow on mini trees? 😀

    • Let’s hope so! No sign of any growth yet though….



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