Garden update!

Garden update!

It’s time for a big garden update! With the lovely weather today I thought it was a good day to do some sowing.

Remember the garden bed to the right of the grass? In the mean time I have removed the top half of the wooden sides of that garden bed and in the past few weeks all kinds of little green leaves have started popping up in this bed.

weeds or no

I don’t know what they are. They might be from seeds that were in the suet balls for the birds, or from plants that were in this bed last year, or just something completely different. I weeded them out as best as I could today. I also removed the top part of the soil that was in this bed and used a rake to loosen it up some more.


When the soil was loose and level I got out my seeds.


In the gardenplan I made a list of plants that attract bees. These seed packets have garden cosmos, different kinds of poppies, daisies, sunflowers, marigolds, cornflowers: all of which attract bees. I tell you, my garden will become the spot for bees to hang out in this summer. I sowed the Japanese flower mixture, the garden cosmos and the yellow poppies in the annual flower bed. I’m going to use that blue mixture for the garden bed to the left as that mixture has some perennials as well.

I put some soil on a plate and mixed in the seeds…

seeds to sow


…then, I tried to sow it in as evenly as I could. I placed some cobble stones along the sides of the garden bed…

place cobble stones

…and covered the bed with chicken wire…

chickenwire cover

I added a few cobble stones in the middle and also placed another one on top to keep the chicken wire in it’s place. Once I remove the chicken wire and those cobble stones I will probably just plant some geraniums where the stones were.

Then, I watered the seeds!


I hope the chicken wire will stop the cat from seeing this bed as one big kitty litter box.

By the way: look at that rhubarb! I hope I’ll get some more from this than last year. I should probably look for tips on growing rhubarb on Pinterest.

Those peonies to the back in the left are coming along nicely as well. Just like the white raspberry…

white raspberry

…and the clematis pixie to the left of that raspberry is already in bloom!

The red raspberry is also nicely growing out after I pruned it last month:

red raspberry

As well are the roses:




I’ve also been pulling out lots of weeds from our tiny stretch of grass – mostly dandelions.

poor dandelions

However, the dandelions are in full bloom now and I just think they are too pretty to weed them all out. I let the ones that grow along the length of the annual flower bed stay:

dandelions to stay

Soon I’ll sow in new grass where there are bare patches now. But I haven’t finished weeding yet and there’s also some moss in between the grass that I have to remove before I can do that.

Inspired by this pin I made a corner for herbs on the terrace last year. After the winter it needed a little love. I sowed sage in the lower lever of the herb tower and I also bought some new oregano and thyme.

herb corner

Inside, on the windowsill I got some basil and parsley going…



…but I think we can all declare this avocado pit experiment a fail. I threw out the ones in water a week ago when I saw fungi growing on the top of the pits.

avocado sadness

Lastly today I worked on the little ‘rock garden’ I have in the back. This is how it looked before I did some overhauling:

rock garden before

I removed a few weeds and that grey flower box. I got the three pots filled with soil I removed from the annual flower bed…

pots with soil

…and tipped them out here. Then, I got out a few packets of seeds that I cant remember buying and of which I’m not sure they’ll still germinate…

old seeds

…and sowed those in the new soil. I’m curious to see if something will come of it.

rock garden after

The strawberries you can see in the picture above are doing very well – can you spot the first white flowers? Here’s a close up:

strawberry flowers

I also photographed the apple tree’s first budding blossoms today…

apple blossom ecolette

…and I just had to take a picture of the forget-me-nots!

forget me nots and tulip

These spread out from only three little plants I put in here last year. Such a pretty flower: bright blue with hints of pink and purple.

Lastly I want to show you some of the other seeds I’m growing under glass at the moment. Here I’m trying to get a pattison pumpkin, some cherry tomatoes and chives to germinate.

pattison, tomatoes, chives

And I also am starting more marigolds, black eyed susan, morning glory and love-in-a-puff:

black eyed susan, calendula, morning glory, love in a puff

My first seed starting attempt failed miserably – might have something to do with the fact that I forgot to water them – who knows?


  1. …. en achter de vergeetmijnietjes zie ik een paar mooie tulpen! Ook niet mis!

    • Ja mooi he?

  2. I’m amazed that your strawberry plants are already blooming when the plants I have in my window have only just started blooming.

    • I’m surprised too! They’re in a very shady spot whilst the ones in full sunshine have no flowers at all, as of yet.

  3. I LOVE your garden! This was a nice update :)

    • Thank you! I love my garden too. I was all set to do some gardening today but the weather didn’t turn out too great. So I did more knitting instead. And a lot of laundry…


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