Folding towels tweaked

Folding towels tweaked

So……I’ve been staring at a blank screen for an hour now. I have no idea how to make this post sound interesting. It’s about folding towels. I’ve decided I’m not even going to try.

I pinned a blogpost about folding bath towels last week when I was looking for pins on bathroom organisation. Today, I had this big full hamper of towels to fold so I did some more browsing on the same topic. I found this blogpost in which the writer describes her annoyance when her stack of folded towels hangs just over the edge of her shelf. I know, I know – in first-world-problems this one might be the first-worldliest but I do admit: that happens with my towel stacks too and I hate it! My bathroom shelves aren’t very deep either so to make them fit I could fold them in half, in half again, and then in thirds. Coincidentally, that’s how the writer of this blogpost folds her towels too – to get rid of that hanging over nuisance. However, when folded that way I can only fit one stack of four towels on my lower shelf and the shelf is not wide enough to have two stacks next to each other. So today I tweaked her method a bit and I am ready to announce that I’m changing the way I’m folding my towels! Yes, I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence either. I am going for the half/third/third approach – this will create a compact small folded towel of which I can fit six on one shelf! Hurray!

Ok – I have spent way too much time on this text already, let’s just do the pictures.

Here’s the before photo…


…and here’s my chore for the evening:

job to do

About my new folding technique – this is what I do now.

Step 1: fold towel in half


Step 2: Fold towel into thirds, lengthways.



Step 3: fold into thirds. sideways


….and here should have been a picture of a successfully half/third/third-folded towel – I forgot to take it. Sorry.

I did take a picture of the end result though:


Pretty huh? So satisfying! Bonus points for now having more room for storing toilet rolls on that same shelf. Awesome.

I’m going to bed now.


  1. I’ve always enjoyed folding towels. I have specific folds for specific towels so they fit into the spaces allotted. Love your persistence.

    • Thank you Andy. You understand me.

  2. love it,love it ,still no guts to do my bathroom.
    I’ve rolled my towels and that is how far is goes(Dunglish ?) 😀

    • Thanks Jacky! Shall I come visit you in Hoorn and help you with a Bathroom Purge?


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