Florence in summer

Florence in summer

As I’ve said last week I want to start a bigger project and report back to blog about its progress on the weekend. I’d like to make a cardigan for this summer that will look good on a dress. Usually I look for a pattern first and end up buying new yarn for it but now I thought I might use up some of my stash. (Also, this will make more room for new yarn!) Yesterday evening I did a little stash diving and I came back up with these possibilities:

Cascade 220 in bubble gum pink:

pink cascade 220(I bought this yarn for another cardigan that I frogged.)

GGH Baby Alpaka in Cherry pink/red


ggh baby alpaca cherry red

Wollmeise Pure in pink (Colorway: ” So long kitty”. Perfect name.)

Wollmeise Pure

To be combined maybe with this one skein of Wollmeise Twin:

wollmeise twin

And lastly, I have this light blue Jamieson&Smith Aran.

light blue Jamieson and Smith Aran

I liked the Jamieson&Smith and the Wollmeise the best and after an hour of so on Ravelry I came up with these options:

For the Jamieson&Smith I liked either Ramona:


…or Acorn Trail:

acorn trail

And for the Wollmeise I really liked two Quince&Co patterns: Stockard…


…and Florence:


I liked them all but I thought for a summer cardigan the Wollmeise would suit better. I wasn’t sure though so I asked the instagram and facebook hive mind. Most votes went to the Florence cardigan so that made the decision a lot easier and I have just enough yarn for it with just the two skeins of Wollmeise Pure. (fingers crossed!)

Now, usually I wind my yarn when I’m at Stephen + Penelope but as the shop was closed today I had no choice but to wind it by hand. My old upstairs neighbor gave me this lazy susan yarn holder and I thought I’d finally put it to use:

lazy suzan

I hung the yarn over the backs on two chairs…

two chairs

…and I spent a good part of this Sunday afternoon winding my Wollmeise.


I had hoped to cast on tonight but I had forgotten that swatching can’t really be avoided when knitting a cardigan. So I did:


I made a proper swatch, enough to measure out 10×10 cm…

swatch done

…and even blocked it!

swatch blocking

Tomorrow when it’s dry I’ll measure and I hope I am on gauge – the fabric does look like it has enough drape now. I plan to cast on tomorrow and maybe I’ll have some real progress to show you next week. Stay tuned…


  1. great pattern,lovely yarn,you go girl !!!!!!!

    • thanks Jacky! I’m casting on tonight, just as soon as I finish today’s blogpost….

  2. dat wordt mooooooi!

    zal voor je duimen dat je genoeg wol hebt…

    • ik heb 50 meter meer dan in het patroon voorgeschreven wordt – spannend!


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