Florence and Francis

Florence and Francis

It could very well be that knitting became such a great hobby of mine because it is so easily combined with another favorite pastime: watching TV.  Oh, I wish I was that kind of person who’d rather read a book at night, or go for a walk or have uplifting conversations with my boyfriend but really, I don’t. I really like to just sit on the couch with Thomas and our cat Lola, have my knitting, and watch TV (at the same time we do have uplifting conversations, really! Well sometimes anyway.) I’d like to think of our TV taste as harmoniously omnivorous, in that we don’t argue a lot over what to watch for we will watch pretty much anything. But there are a few shows that I watch by myself – like House of Cards. I remember buying the original BBC Series on DVD and I binge watching that when I was still in university: trying to unwind after an exam week. Back then I was already a knitter and I still think of Francis Urquhart when I put on the pair of socks I knitted while watching that show.

This time, another Francis is accompanying me during a knitting project and he is the perfect companion. Nice long episodes, slowly developing storyline, and I’m only at the beginning of season 2 yet so I am going to get a lot of knitting out of it still.

I started late with Stitches Sunday today as the weather forced my hand and we worked in the garden today. I’ll give a new update this Thursday; it is starting to feel like summer out there! But after we had finished setting up our new vegetable bed I picked up Florence to do some knitting on her before dinner.

after gardening comes knitting

Dinner was great by the way: we didn’t make the pulled pork and opted instead for our first barbecue meal of the year: chicken sate with home made peanut sauce. It was really good and the pickle was lovely too. Though perhaps a bit salty and I’d probably make it sweeter next time. But I really liked the herbs I added – especially the fennel!

After dinner, we settled on the couch and I went back to the stretches and stretches of stockinette that I’m working my way through at the moment. When Thomas went to bed I turned on Netflix…

knitting with francis

…and knit some more while I saw Francis push Zoe in front of a train! Even though I saw the original series I was still shocked!

After two episodes into the second season the clock stroke 1 and I figured I better start writing this blog entry. I had hoped to get to the end of the decrease section today but I still have 24 rows to go as I’m writing this. I pinned it out again to show my progress:

21 cm!

Here’s another close-up of that pretty, pretty lace:

pretty pretty lace

I’m really getting into the rhythm of the lace and hardly have to look at the chart anymore, that always speeds things up. I’m also loving the drape of the fabric and the subtle color variation in the yarn. I’ll try to get a good picture of that in daylight for my next update.

I hope to get some more knitting in during the week. However, I’ve also got some exciting other pin projects planned so I hope I’ll find the time!

But who needs sleep anyway?


  1. Florence looking great ,
    Slapen doen we wel in een volgend leven,

    • Precies, Jacky! net als rekeningen betalen, schoonmaken, en opruimen toch?


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