Divide and conquer the drawer

Divide and conquer the drawer

Our kitchen only has one drawer and it’s a mess.


Believe it or not: we used to also have our cutlery in this drawer. At one point however, after searching for a dessert spoon for five minutes and finding it crammed behind that white divider, something had to change. We two of these metal pots at Dille en Kamille and we now keep the cutlery next to the plates.


The extra space this created in the drawer was quickly taken up by more stuff: coffee filters, cat medicine, garden scissors.

I had pinned a tutorial on kitchen drawer organization – but today, when I followed the link I ended up on a blog I had to subscribe to if I wanted to read the tutorial. So annoying when that happens! However, I thought I could just go with the regular organization routine I’ve been doing for the pas few weeks already.

I got rid of that plastic divider we had: it was ugly, dirty, and when we got had to cut part of it off because it was too big for the drawer making it look even messier. Plus: I had seen a really pretty one at Dille en Kamille the last time we were there so today: I got this pretty, shiny, new drawer divider!

new utensil organizer

Next, I dumped to contents of the drawer on the counter…

take it all out

…and cleaned the inside of the drawer. The former owner of this house had used some kind of glue to attach her own divider to the bottom of the drawer:

empty drawer

I hack away at it every once in a while, removing it bit by bit. I’ll probably get it all of just before we decide to put in new drawers. Until then, I’ll cover part of ip up with my new divider. I put double sided tape on the bottom of the divider…

stick on organizer

…and placed it inside the drawer. I first put it in the middle but the coffee filters didn’t fit that way so I placed it to the left. Then I just did the sort through, throw out, relocate, and organize dance and ended up with this:


I realized tonight that I’m running out of areas to organize! I do have a closet in our bedroom that I have been putting off though. I think I’ll be tackling that next week. It holds most my (non-yarny) crafty supplies so that should be fun…



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