Cut up roll ups

Cut up roll ups

When I go to the Noordermarkt there are  few stands that I hardly ever pass by without buying something: the porcelain knick knacks stand in front of Proust, the vietnamese spring rolls stand, and the dried fruits stand. The dried fruits stand also sells crêpes, so that makes it even more tempting.

I’ve never tried to dry fruit myself. Drying fruit always reminds me of Chandlers crazy room mate in friends  who dehydrates fruit for fun. As I’m already dangerously close to becoming a crazy cat lady (really I’m a crazy cat lady with just one cat) – I think I might have to be careful dipping into this experience.

These fruit roll ups just seemed so easy that I was prepared to run the risk. But I decided to take baby steps and try it out first with only one mango.


That’s all I needed for this recipe – no sugar or other flavors are added.

I cut up the mango in cubes…

mango cut up

…put the pieces of fruit in the mini food processor…


…and pureed them.


Then I lined a baking tray with parchment cut to size…

line baking tray

…dumped out the puree on the tray…

mango on baking tray

…and spread it out with the back of a spoon…

spread out with spoon

…trying to achieve an even layer of puree. The recipe says to use an offset spatula – which I don’t own – but I think the spoon worked just as well. You’re supposed to spread it out until it is about 1/2 cm in thickness.

Here’s where I ran into a problem. The recipe specifies to set your oven to 175 Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) but I can only set mine to either 40 or 100 degrees Celsius. You’re to leave it in there for about 4 hours for the mango to have dried out. I decided that 100 was my best bet and to just keep a good eye on it.

and wait

After an hour I checked it but it still looked quite wet and gave it another hour and a half. Then it looked done, it was dry but sticky on the top – like the recipe said it should look.

all dried out

It came away from the paper easily.

seems done

However, I do think I spread it out too thinly and that combined with a higher oven temperature made the sides of the dried mango paste have more of a chippy substance than the sticky chewy texture I had been aiming at.

Here’s how it looked when I had removed the parchment from the bottom:

paper removed

I didn’t think rolling this up would work very well so instead I cut it into pieces…

cut up into pieces

…and put them in a cookie tin with layers of baking parchment in between so they wouldn’t stick together.

layer with baking parchment

They taste great! Chewy (mostly) and very sweet. To achieve real rollups next time, I think I’m going to do this again when I have the whole day to spend at home. I’ll keep the oven at only 40 degrees and just leave it in for hours on end. Also, I’ll use more mangoes next time to make a thicker layer.

Fruit drying, crazy cat lady in the making here…

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