Cupboard cleanout

Cupboard cleanout

I’m slowly running out of areas in my house that need to be organized better. After today I still have to do the closet in our bedroom, a small chest in the living room, the washing machine closet, and our ‘recycle’ space outside. Soon I might have to think of a new theme for the Wednesday or think of other things that make our house ‘work’ better.

Today I’m tackling another cupboard in the kitchen. We keep most of our food supply, like cereal, sugar, flours, and grains in these glass jars from IKEA and we store them on the two shelves above our kitchen counter.


In the left cupboard underneath the kitchen counter we keep the rest of the supplies like cans, bottles, jars, but also baking supplies like baking powder, yeast and food coloring. Unfortunately it also became the cupboard that was the hold-all for stuff that we didn’t know where else to keep. It got to a point where I didn’t really know what was in there so it was time for a clean out.

Here’s a before picture:


Besides food there were shopping bags, plastic containers, cat medicine and vitamins in there. Most of the non-food stuff could go somewhere else – like the plastic containers – but I figured everything else could stay in the same space if I just organized it a little better.

Here’s everything that was in there:


I dreaded that I had to throw a lot of foods away that had perished, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. In the end I only had to trow out a bottle of fish sauce (which you are supposed to refrigerate after opening – you learn something every day), a bottle of oyster sauce, a jar of red curry paste and a bottle of vitamins. That bottle of vitamins was the “expiry winner” in that it had an expiration date that was the longest time ago:


Yes, that’s from before we moved. Well – it tells you something about how often we actually take vitamins.

I did find multiples of the same stuff like peanut butter, honey, and sambal. I also counted four cans of lentils, which means I’ll have to go look for some lentil recipes on Pinterest. This is also what I like about a food pantry purge: you see what you already have and that can inspire you in your cooking just as well as a cookbook can.


I used a see through plastic box to store already opened bags of food in. Before, they used to tear open, spill, or fall out and I also lose sight of them after a while (that’s why I have 3 open bags of penne). I think another trip to IKEA might be in order and then we can probably move everything that’s now in that box to the shelves. The top shelf in the cupboard is also where I now keep the bigger cans, tins and bottles.

In that white basket on the bottom shelf I’ve put the smaller bottles and jars: mostly baking supplies like vanilla extract, rose water, and food coloring. The orange tin in front of the white basket is where I keep sachets of yeast, baking powder and vanilla sugar. The red tin keeps the cocoa. To the left of the basket I’ve put things like protein powders and vitamins. I’ve left the cutting boards where they were before this little reorganization. Ideally I wouldn’t store them next to food but they just don’t fit anywhere else and we like to have them on hand when we’re cooking.

So that’s it. Another reorganization job done!


  1. Proper job Roswitha,love the tins !!!!!!

    • Thank you Jacky! how’s your purge going?

  2. don’t feel the urge to purdge on the moment,but the kabinets al looking still neat and tidy and the voorraad kast is getting leger by the day 😀 Dunglisch

    • best dunglish ever


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