Birthday Bunting

Birthday Bunting

Today I had another small struggle with The Jumper but I think we’re on the right track now and that I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow.

In the mean time, for Tiny Crafts Tuesday, I’ve been making some birthday decorations. I’ll be turning 32 on the 20th and coming Sunday I’m having my family over lunch. To brighten up the table I wanted to make some bunting. I got the idea when I saw these made of  paint color samples. I went to look for paint samples at the hardware store but I came back empty handed. On their sample cards the paint color was shown in both the glossy and the satin finish (didn’t like that) and I wanted to use paper that was a little less sturdy.

I still wanted to make the bunting today so instead, I used some cheap origami paper. I like how the colors in these look like the bunting we had when I was little: with bright, saturated colors and the paper has a grainy matte look.

origami paper

I made the bunting flags by folding a paper double…


…and again…


…and then folding those two flaps creating a sort of harmonica.


Pressing the folds together I cut this rectangle into an elongated triangle, having the closed side as the top of the bunting. I didn’t cut straight from corner to the middle and instead curved it a bit. I think this makes them look a little bit more interesting.


Four flags for the bunting:

red bunting

I made a set of every color I had.

happy colors

For the bunting line my first idea was to use some kitchen twine. But then I thought: maybe I’ve been going a littlebit, overboard, with, kitchen twine. So instead I got some pretty, pretty left over yarn to attach the flags to.

happy yarn

I put glue on one half of the flag..


…placed the yarn along the fold…


…and fold down over the yarn.


Easy peasy.

I like my colors arranged rainbow style – here are the first five done:

color rainbow

After a little more glueing and folding – I was done. Tiny Crafs Tuesday: I love your instant gratification!


Festive table!


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