Allotted fun

Allotted fun

Yesterday I went to Utrecht to help my friend Renske on her amazing vegetable allotment (SO.JEALOUS!). Two weeks ago she had carefully planted out her seedlings, watered and fertilized them, and left it to the warm weather to do the rest.

Here’s a picture she sent me a few days ago:


An explosion of green! She hadn’t been there for a week because she’d been on holiday. Believe me, there are a lot of lovely beets, leeks, sugar snap peas and carrots growing here but you can hardly see them because of all the weeds.

Luckily, there is little that I find more rewarding than weeding. The results are almost instant and it’s very meditative. We started with freeing the sugar snap peas and carrots from their unwanted neighbors:

renske weeding

More hands make light work:

during weeding


before trellis

After clearing this part of the garden Renske wanted to build a trellis for the sugar snap peas. She had actually pinned quite a few of them for inspiration. In the end we decided on a design of our own, inspired on what we had seen.

With bamboo poles we made a frame with vertically placed poles for extra frame support:


Then, we used kitchen twine (what else?) to make the horizontal lines that the pea vines can climb up against:

wind kitchen twine2

Renske went back and forth, winding the twine around each pole. and moving down the position of the twine once she reached the other end:

windng kitchen twine3

We placed extra poles on each side of the frame. This way we hope it will not be blown down by the wind.

reinforcing frame1

It was such a blustery day, when it clouded over it was quite cold with the hard wind. But only a few seconds after this photo was taken, our finished bean trellis was looking beautiful in full and very bright shining sunlight.

after trellis

After the trellis was done we did some more weeding and replanted a few seedlings.

and some more weeding

Result after a hard day’s work!

weeding done

So pretty.

I want an allotment too.


  1. Wat een leuk verslag, en wat hebben jullie hard gewerkt! Ik wens Renske alle succes met haar tuin!

  2. Zo mooi! Ik ben ook jaloers!

  3. Wat leuk en gezellig dat jullie dit samen deden! Het resultaat is prachtig. Jullie zullen er tevreden over zijn!


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