All set for sleeves

All set for sleeves

Yesterday we went to a party at my aunt’s house. The celebration was in honor of our grandfather who’s birthday fell on the 15th of May. He would have been a hundred years old on Friday had he still been alive today. Even though my Opa passed away in 2011 we’ve kept on celebrating his birthday every year – to remember him but also to reconnect and catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins. We don’t see each other that often and it’s always so nice to see how your little nieces and nephews have grown and how we are all getting on. This year’s light of the party was my sister’s baby Hadewych, of course!

I had promised to make two quiches for the day. So, on Sunday morning while I was waiting for them to bake, I did some knitting on my Florence cardigan…

knitting whie baking

…and finally finished the decreases for the body! I measured it to see whether I could start the sleeves yet.

sunny outside

I was almost there! I was at 30 cm and I needed 30.5 cm so I knitted two more rows before it was time to leave for Hilversum.

Of course I only yesterday realized that to start to sleeves I had to wind the second skein of yarn – I’m still without a swift and winder and so I took the skein with me to the party and wound it there. This year the party was held in my aunt’s beautiful garden. In true Opa tradition the weather was lovely, for the most part of the day anyway, and we sat outside all afternoon. While chatting away, asking each other the regular catch-up questions (“How’s work?”, “How are your kids”, and most importantly, “How did you make this cake???”) I balled up the Wollmeise.

winding yarn party

I had to put it aside for a soup en quiche break but in the end I had managed to wind the whole 150 gram skein of sock weight yarn into a ball – pfhew!


Then, when we came home last night I knitted the last row for the body, separating for the sleeves by binding off 14 stitches for each arm. Then, I got out my scale and wound off half of my freshly balled up yarn into a second ball. I was all set! Or so I thought…

The cuffs of the sleeves are knit on a smaller size needle but – and I couldn’t believe it at first so I triple checked – I don’t have any 3.75 mm needles!

I guess this means that this week’s task is to cast on for the sleeves. I really hope to finish the sleeves this week: wouldn’t it be great if I manage to join them to the body before next week’s post?

I’m off, I have to go buy a pair of 3.75mm needles…


  1. What a beautiful color! Can’t wait to see how the sleeves turn out with the fabulous lacey cuffs. We drove home from the Netherlands yesterday and it was hard to leave while the weather was so nice! Luckily the sun is shining in Germany today so we don’t feel quite as sad to be home from vacation.

    • Thanks Lauren!

      There’s nothing to miss about Amsterdam today – dreary windy and wet!


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