Tiny paper crafts to do during a big to do

Tiny paper crafts to do during a big to do

Yesterday saw the start of the yearly kitschy camp fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest and I indulge in it with no shame. It was only the first semi final but I was all set: snacks (which I forgot to buy, so I had to make do with carrots), drinks (ok, just tea), viewing party (mostly via Whatsapp but for the semi final that will do), and something to keep me entertained during the boring bits: craft supplies for Tiny Crafts Tuesday!


I was planning to make envelopes from pretty magazine pages. I was inspired by this pin that makes envelopes from old road maps. You start by ‘making’ a template – which is simply carefully opening up a regular envelope…

carefully open up

…while at the same time be very entertained by the Eurovision opening act, and regretting not getting any good TV snacks. Carrots just won’t do.

have eurovision for company

Then, you take your envelope template and place it over that part of the page you want to use, and trace it with a pencil. I guess if placement doesn’t really matter you would rather want to do the tracing on the wrong side of you paper – that will save you time erasing pencil lines.

trace envelope

Here’s my first envelope traced and ready for cutting…

traced envelope

…and here it is all cut out.

cut out

Then, to make nice sharp folds I used a ruler and scissors to make the pre-folds… (In Dutch this is called “rillen” – anyone know the English equivalent?)

make fold line with scissors

And then, for the last step, you put glue on the glue strips…

glue edges

… press down firmly and you’re done!

1st one done

Here’s the back:

back of 1st one done

However, Eurovision wasn’t over yet so I made a few more envelopes. Here’s a flowery one in the making…


…here’s one with stamps…


…and here I’m in the middle of cutting out this pretty garden scene (look, twine!!).


When the show was over and I was ready to go to bed and decided to take the result pictures in the morning with better lighting. Here they are!


Pretty huh? I think I have a quite few letters to write now…


  1. Pre-folding is called “scoring” on English. It’s a weird word to use for that. To score the paper sounds like you’re sleeping with it or something. Ha ha!

    • right! scoring! Thanks, alison!


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